How To Start A Startup

2 min read

Tips for starting a startupThe web floods us with clever new ideas and products constantly. There seems to be a nifty little app for everything these days. That’s not to say that there’s no point in coming up with new ideas, it just means that you should probably make sure your ideas are good enough to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to starting and sustaining a successful startup, I guess the best advice would be to make sure you are building something people actually want or need; the rest is just fine tuning the details for maximum impact.

Knowing whether your idea is a good one is probably the best place to start. There are several ways you can achieve this. First of all, having a team as opposed to going it alone will mean that you can bounce ideas off each other, recognise bad decisions and generally motivate each other to keep going. Another thing to be aware of is whether your idea is simply a derivative of another idea that already exists; these will probably┬ájust land up as a weaker version of the original and certainly won’t generate much attention. I guess it’s better to look at things from a different perspective and create a solution to a problem that exists, rather than just building on someone else’s success. It’s also important to have a specific user in mind and make sure that your idea would be interesting and relevant to that user; otherwise you’re failing before you even start. Then there’s the obvious things you should take into consideration, like hiring good programmers, making sure the location is right, choosing the right platform, accurately calculating the finances required, keeping an eye on the market and so on.

These are just a few points that have been relevant in my experience, and there’s no hard and fast rules in these things. I think the key is, once you’ve established that your idea is relevant, don’t be afraid to tackle the competition, put in the hard work and energy and go big or go home! And most importantly, don’t sit on your idea for too long; just get something out there and you can always improve it as you go. Happy brainstorming.


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