Good Eating Doesn’t Have To Be Limited To Health Nuts or Nutritionists: Edamam Nutrition API

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You are what you eat, and most people would like to better their dietary habits but don’t really know where to start. I like to check out cool applications that pop up in our world of digital convenience, and being interested in nutrition myself, I thought it worth checking this one out. Edamam’s app provides a quick and easy way for anyone to access detailed nutritional information on the go and at the tap of a touchscreen. Food search apps have been around a while, however, and in an effort to stand out from the rest, this one is built to focus specifically on health, speed, and surfacing selected high-quality recipes. The Edamam Nutrition API makes this data available for use in apps to be used by restaurants, catering companies, chefs and other food related industries.


Edamam’s site and app make it possible for users to search and filter through a variety of recipes. It’s a simple case of typing what they may be ‘hungry for’ in the dedicated search box, and then filtering their search by diet (such as gluten-free, dairy-free, high-protein or vegan) or calories. The user is then presented with a variety of relevant recipes pulled in from several reliable sources. There are also features such as a detailed nutritional database that includes information on things like the amount of fat, carbs and sodium in a submitted recipe or dish and a companion shopping list to use while in the grocery store.

In an article on VentureBeat, Edamam founder, Victor Penev said, “although it may be a cliché, we see our efforts at Edamam as a way to make a real difference in the world. We believe that with the power of technology, we can help people make better food choices, eat better and ultimately be happier for it.”


The Edamam Nutritional API is great news for the development of other cool apps in food related industries, and it’s completely free. It includes information such as calorie content per serving for the submitted recipe, assigned diet tags based on the recipe’s nutritional profile and more. The commercial version of the API also provides detailed nutritional data as well as customer support. Further information and documentation is available on the website.


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