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wordonthe wire web applicationI’m pleased to introduce my latest web application development project; an exciting collaboration of ideas from both myself and a colleague.

Say hello to wordonthewire!

The idea behind this was to create something that would be a one-stop-shop for current, trending information from a range of popular sources on the web. It’s aimed at providing the savvy web user with a multi-platform search tool, all neatly packed into one application. Think of wordonthewire as your go-to guy when it comes to staying in the know.

A user makes a single search query and is instantly provided with search results from Bing, Bing images, YouTube and Twitter, displayed in four columns in a full screen layout. The user also has the option of seeing Facebook event results and RSS news feed results via fly-out menus fixed to the right of the screen.

search engine web applicationWhat’s really cool is that all the interaction happens within your search page. When you click on a video, it plays within the application and you aren’t directed away from your search results. The same applies for any image you may click on. The application has also been built in such a way that it adapts effectively to your particular screen size, ensuring ease of use in all situations.

The initial motivation behind creating this web application was to produce something that offers a quick and easy way to get an overview on a particular subject, without having to search through various websites. It’s everything you need to know, in one place; it’s the full scoop in just one click. It wasn’t created to compete with other search engines, but rather as an additional tool for effective research and staying on top of current trends.

But there’s more to this web app than simply search, and we’re excited about the other advantages it can provide. For example, another benefit could include using this application as a kind of online ‘business card’ for large brands, popular bands etc. Here’s how…when searching a particular term, the term is actually included into the URL. This makes it very easy to share the link, and in turn the results for that search term. So, by clicking on the wordonthewire ‘shared’ link with the brand’s name in it, the user will be presented with all the relevant information and social media banter around that specific brand.

For example:

search engine web application

This is, of course, an early version of the application, and we are continually tweaking here and there to make it an even better experience for the user.

Check it out and see what you think!


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