From mockup to browser, the process is a careful science. I love the challenge.

I'm a web developer specialising in user interface development, custom WordPress themes and eCommerce builds.

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Most of my work is done through my company Lab19 Digital; a tight-knit team of expert developers, designers & copywriters.
This means access to a much broader set of skills & experienced people if needed.

I work from my own offices in London (UK), but I'm happy to work on site for a day or two to kick off a project.



UI Development & Design

Design & implementation of slick, responsive templates & prototypes to suit your business.

WordPress Theming

Your own bespoke WordPress theme that is mobile optimised, SEO friendly & easy to update.


Seamless integration of your blog & online shop using WooCommerce, the top eCommerce platform.

Code Review

Making your website load faster, improving general performance & removing any errors.

Latest Blogs

404 after uploading WordPress site

One thing that seems like a mystery with WordPress – depending on how you upload your local WordPress site to your remote / live server, every page other than the home page seems to result in a 404. I have no idea why this happens, but the fix below always seems…

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Is The Modern Office A Dying Institution?

Something that has been weighing quite heavily on my mind of late is whether or not racing to and from the office every single day is actually a productive pastime. What I mean is, is it always necessary to be obligated to attend to one’s work schedule in a populated workplace?…

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Good Eating Doesn’t Have To Be Limited To...

You are what you eat, and most people would like to better their dietary habits but don’t really know where to start. I like to check out cool applications that pop up in our world of digital convenience, and being interested in nutrition myself, I thought it worth checking this one…

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Want to work with me or the Lab19 team? Great news! Reach me using the relevant links below: